Student Lounge

Explore the student lounge, sit back and listen to recordings made by some of my students.

Melbourne Guitar Circle

Michelle Performing Excerpt from John Dowland “Queen Elizabeth’s Galliard”

Aaron Performing Excerpt from Pachelbel “Canon in D”

Lydia Performing Excerpt from Carlevaro “Microstudy”

Marc Performing Villa Lobos “Gavotta Choro”

Brittany Performing Excerpt from Carlevaro “Microstudy”

Felix Performing Excerpt from Bach Suite in E minor Allemande

Evan Performing Westlake “Mosstrooper Peak”

Ethan and Josh Performing Carulli “Largo”

Brittany and Michelle Performing Movements from William Lawes “Suite for two Lutes”

Felix Performing J S Bach “Cello Suite No 1, “Courante”

Evan Performing Towner “Always by Your Side” and “Toledo”


Australian Odyssey

Listen to the album:

Australin Odyssey Ron Payne Guitarist featuring Colin Brumby, Sven Libaek, Peter Sculthorpe, Sam Dunn, Philip Houghton, Roland Dyens, William Lovelady

Sadie Bishop – Key figure in the renaissance of the guitar in Australia, having advanced the standard of playing and teaching in both hemispheres.