Student Lounge

Explore the student lounge, sit back and listen to recordings made by some of my students.

Melbourne Guitar Circle

Grigoryan Brothers – Don’s Bat

Grigoryan Brothers – Love Token

Grigoryan Brothers – Fred’s Vision

Johnson – Caprice 24

Kynam – Elogia de la Danza

Max – Danza del Aliplano

Anya -Milonga

Bente – Prelude 5

La Rossignol – Anon

Waltz op 32 #2 – Sor

Danza del Aliplano – Brouwer

Una de La Novembre

Etude Simples #17

Gavotta Choro – Villa Lobos

Etude Simples 20 – Brouwer

Michelle Performing Excerpt from John Dowland “Queen Elizabeth’s Galliard”

Lydia Performing Excerpt from Carlevaro “Microstudy”

Brittany Performing Excerpt from Carlevaro “Microstudy”

Felix Performing Excerpt from Bach Suite in E minor Allemande

Evan Performing Towner “Always by Your Side” and “Toledo”


Australian Odyssey

Listen to the album:

Australin Odyssey Ron Payne Guitarist featuring Colin Brumby, Sven Libaek, Peter Sculthorpe, Sam Dunn, Philip Houghton, Roland Dyens, William Lovelady

Sadie Bishop – Key figure in the renaissance of the guitar in Australia, having advanced the standard of playing and teaching in both hemispheres.