Great insights and clear structure

“So enjoyable, and at 50 I’d never played a musical instrument before

Thanks Ron – I have gained immense enjoyment from my guitar in this last year.

I picked up the guitar to support the start of my son’s musical journey, to show him it was fun to learn and ok to make mistakes. He got better and I got stuck. I needed a teacher too.

For just over a year Ron has guided me with humour, patience, great insights and clear structure. I have progressed in leaps and bounds. My wife even enjoys listening to me practice! I now have the confidence and a repertoire to lose myself in my guitar – the perfect antidote to the stresses of the day.”

Cheers – Steve Cronin

Progressed more that I thought I could

“I play the guitar to help me appreciate music. I have been playing the guitar for more than 20 years, had teachers before, done grades, but I always felt it was difficult to be disciplined in practice as I have a full time job and family.

I stopped lessons for many years, however one night after a busy day at work, I came across Ron’s website which offered lessons via Skype in the comfort of my own home. Ron has been kind and patient enough to help me focus on the fundamentals again and progress at my own pace.

This alleviated a lot of the stress of learning the guitar. In the past year I have progressed more that I thought I could, and more importantly in a relaxing environment. It also helps that Ron is a nice bloke and great teacher.”

– Thomas Cho

The lessons are informative, fun and very enjoyable

“What a fantastic teacher. The lessons are informative, fun and very enjoyable. Since starting with Ron at the beginning of the year my guitar playing has improved more than I could have imagined. I highly recommend Ron to anyone of any age to get lessons from him. I do mine by skype with no problems. Thank you Ron”.

– Michael Campbell

During this COVID lockdown no. 6 - how grateful I have been

“I just wanted to write you a short note of encouragement during this COVID lockdown no. 6  to say how grateful I have been for the many hundreds of hours of not just knowledgeable and articulate guitar tuition but also the clever cheerful banter. You have been able to channel the love of classical guitar from great maestro Segovia as well as custom fit down to earth accessibility in practise regimens which have inspired me to keep up our lessons even though more than ten years have passed since our first lesson. In particular I commend you on your ability to patiently walk me through the many “wish”pieces that though far from perfect are an ongoing source of motivation to keep playing this wonderful instrument. Thanks so much Ron and see you soon for our next lesson” – Dr. Shawn Choong

Skype lessons weekly...I have progressed so much more...than the previous 12 months with an on-line academy.

“I’m an adult beginner , 62 , and have been having skype lessons weekly with Ron for the last month. Without exaggeration, I have progressed so much more in this previous month than the previous 12 months with an on-line academy. Ron is enthusiastic, encouraging and nice person to boot. The lessons are varied, detailed and the music material used is interesting. If one has any doubt about learning classical guitar on-line, rest assured as it is an excellent way to learn, saving a lot of time wasted on travel etc”. – Dr. Charlie Hew

Study via Skype

“Studying the guitar with Ron was a fulfilling experience. He gave thorough attention to every aspect of the skill, from posture to playing technique to scales, all with unwavering patience and humour. His genuine enthusiasm for the instrument and it’s many expressive capabilities made learning and playing a thrill. Highly recommended!” – Hugh Savill

Develop my skill with enjoyment

“I have been studying with Ron for two and a half years, starting as a beginner at the age of 64. What I have found with Ron is that he is able to guide my development by recognising where I am currently situated in my development and recognise areas of improvement by setting appropriate exercises. His extensive knowledge of the guitar repertoire has enabled him to select pieces that develop my skill and give enjoyment at the same time. He is a good listener and helps me further my understanding of playing techniques in which I am having difficulty and suggests methods to overcome them. Importantly, he has an easy going manner and makes learning fun and interesting – I look forward to my lessons!” – Peter Lee

Preparing for auditions for future uni applications, successfully with Ron's methods.

“Last year I was doing my year twelve guitar while also preparing for auditions for future uni applications. I was required to demonstrate sight reading ability during the auditions, which I had no practice in. So I began to take lessons with Ron throughout the year and was surprised with how fast we moved through the material. The lessons were relaxed while pushing steadily through the work, with Ron offering sight reading tips and knowledge, and by the end of the year I was easily uni standard. I am now in my top preference uni and continuing my guitar skills.” – Noah

Gained profound understanding and love for the classical guitar

“I returned to playing classical guitar and taking lessons with Ron after a 10-year break due to a wrist injury. Ron coached me through grade 7 AMEB and I was impressed with his encyclopedic knowledge of all things relating to the guitar. One of the first things I noticed in Ron’s studio was a giant poster of Jimi Hendrix. Scratching the surface I discovered Ron’s passion of Jazz, Jazz Fusion and Progress Rock. It’s important to relate this as great performers and teachers don’t just draw inspiration from one source.

As a school teacher myself I know the importance of sound pedagogy and patience. Ron has been more than patient with me as I struggled with the insane workload of a teacher; fly fishing sabbaticals and the re-occurrence of injury. In spite of everything I’ve made steady progress and I’m now playing better than when I was studying music at university. I am more confident in performing in front of an audience, have a better musical understanding and improved tone production. What I’ve gained most from Ron’s lessons is a profound understanding and love for the classical guitar. While I know that I will never be a concert performer I have become a connoisseur of the art. Playing at the best of my ability has given me a great appreciation of the best players, composers, luthiers and beautiful guitars. This has enriched my life in ways that will never be rewarded financially but improved my life spiritually and emotionally, thank you Ron.” – Daryl Croke

Ron has given me a lifelong love and passion for the guitar

“I first began classical guitar lessons with Ron around 8-9 years ago. He took me from the very basics of A New Tune A Day right through to my grade 8 exam in 2016. Seeing my dad have lessons from Ron during that same time period, I came to realise how flexible Ron is with his teaching style, catering to each specific student’s needs to bring out their full potential.

However, more importantly than the technical and musical knowledge that he has imparted, Ron has given me a lifelong love and passion for the guitar. There has not been a single moment in these last 9 years where I have not enjoyed playing guitar, and Ron played a big part in keeping that enjoyment alive. He is always more than happy for me to choose and learn “wish-list” pieces, no matter how hard they may be, and makes sure that I have a good variety of repertoire (which should always include a Bach, a study and a duet!). Finally, Ron teaches with the aim for guitar music to be shared with others. One of the most rewarding things about learning from Ron has been the regular student concerts. His provision of a non-judgemental space for each of us to develop performance skills and to share new guitar music is extremely valuable. All in all, I thank Ron for his guidance over the years and recommend his experienced and thoughtful tuition to students of all skill levels.” – Michelle Chiu

Inspirational in Many Ways

“I studied with Ron Payne for a year when I was about 13 years-old. He was inspirational in many ways. Most importantly he introduced me to the wider and greater world of the classical guitar. I highly recommend Ron as a teacher for guitarists of all ages and experience.” – Slava Grigoryan

Vast Knowledge and Wisdom

“Thanks Ron, for the valuable help and guidance in preparation for Licentiate Diploma. Your vast knowledge and wisdom helped to make this journey an enlightening and exciting one.”Louis Arcoraci

With a touch of humor

“Your guitar lessons are interesting with a touch of humor which makes them fun to attend. Also, we learn’t a lot from your explanations and tips!” – Byron and Kieron, aged 8 and 10

Skillful communicator and motivator

“I began lessons with Ron in 2010 with the dual ambition of obtaining a Grade 8 qualification in Classical Guitar and entry to a Bachelor of Music at the University of Melbourne. It is testament to Ron’s skill as a communicator, motivator and all-round guitar-guru that I was able to realise these ambitions. Ron has a real talent for getting the best out of his students and I highly recommend him as a teacher.” – Dominic Williams

Helped me reach my full potential

“Ron played a pivotal role in preparing me for tertiary auditions. His insight and helpful advice offered a fresh perspective that helped me reach my full potential and the performance opportunities he offered were invaluable in helping me learn how to deal with nerves. I am extremely thankful for the time he invested in me.” – Evan Hopkins

Infinite patience

“When I told Ron I was 58 and the only thing I had ever played was the radio. He thought I was kidding. In three months I have progressed further than I had ever expected. I can now work my way through various musical pieces, read music slowly and am confident that with a bit of dedication and your continued help and infinite patience I will be playing even better in another three months. Thanks Ron.” – Jim Lynch

I have never come across a music teacher so amazing

“In my twenty-five years of involvement with music and music education, I have never come across a musician or a music teacher that is so amazing. You can not help but learn and progress, deepen appreciation for, access and enjoy music in such little time with the method taught by Ron Payne. Here is one of those wonders that one observes in themselves…namely: rapid musical development. I have leaped and bounded in the few short months more than I ever had done before with other instruments/teachers and that is without mentioning the complexity of Guitar. Ron Payne has made it so easy and his diverse experience and relaxed manner make it so enjoyable. I can already see that the tuition I have had with Ron so far is going to create such a solid foundation in technique and performance that I can honestly say this approach to learning is the style every musical educator should use…because it is the embodiment of success. Opportunities to meet, perform and socialise with other students of all ages and levels of society further empower ones technique and language of music. Thank you Ron for making my musical progress so exciting.” – Russell Williams

Encouraging and full of practical suggestions

“Ron Payne is an affable and good-natured man who is deadly serious about the study of the classical guitar, helping students tackle its technical demands, and, most importantly, playing musically. I first went to Ron to get help with a problem of left-hand strain. He gave me some useful suggestions about hand relaxation. One thing led to another and we agreed to embark on a project to prepare for the AMEB Certificate of Performance, which 18 months later, I have now achieved, thanks to Ron’s guidance. I have always found him to be encouraging and full of practical suggestions when I have been encountering difficulties with learning pieces. His regular student concerts are designed to encourage students to present music to audiences and make music – a constantly challenging and rewarding process. The best judgement of Ron’s influence on my playing development is not actually from me, but from a very discriminating guitarist friend of mine, who remarked recently after hearing me play that, since studying with Ron, the musicality of my playing had increased remarkably.” – Marc Askew

“Lean your body forward slightly to support the guitar against your chest, for the poetry of the music should resound in your heart.”

– Andres Segovia

My dream achieved at 70 years!

“I had a long dream to play the guitar. At 70 years of age I thought I would never achieve this dream but after a chat with Ron Payne we decided to “go for it”. It is now just under 12 months since we started together. The experience has been thoroughly enjoyable – both the practice and weekly lessons. Ron is a master of his trade; a great tutor and a very patient man who is always so positive, encouraging and enthusiastic. My young grand children sometimes sing along to a tune which gives me great joy.” – David Deeble

Many Invaluable Things

“I live in Mildura, some 500 km away from Melbourne, and I can only attend a lesson every two to three months. Ron has been fantastic in the few lessons I have attended since I started in January 2006. As well as helping me out with technique, I find his advice and discussion on presentation invaluable. His passion for classical guitar is infectious! I have had three lessons and have noticed a significant improvement with my playing.” – James Huckson.

Dreams do come true

“Nearly forty years ago I gave up studying classical guitar through pressure of work, but I have always dreamed that one day I might take it up again. Since I retired from professional engineering three years ago at the age of seventy five, Ron has helped me make that dream come true. His love of the guitar and his long experience in teaching and playing are evident in every lesson. I would not have made the progress I have without his enthusiasm and encouragement..” – Peter MacGregor, former pupil of Jose Luis Gonzales

Enthusiasm completely infectious

“Ron helped me rediscover and re-ignite my passion for the classical guitar after somewhat of a hiatus. He instilled in me a drive to continually improve and push myself to the next level; guiding me with great success through my Eighth Grade and beyond. Ron is a real credit to the Australian classical guitar scene – his dedication towards his students is unsurpassed and his enthusiasm is completely infectious. Undoubtedly Ron has helped me become the guitarist and musician I am today. ” – Nicole Rogers


“Just thought I’d let you know that as a 65 year old newcomer to the classical guitar, I’ve derived a tremendous amount of inspiration and encouragement from your weekly lessons. You’ve helped me get over the confidence hump to the point I now really want to succeed. Your regular student “soirees” create the perfect environment for students such as myself to perform without pressure. Our common goal is to play well and making mistakes is part of the journey. Thanks for everything.” – Dr. Chris Reynolds

Friendly learning environment

“I spent 2 years under the tuition of Ron Payne. In that time he helped me to develop my performance confidence, was able to correct inevitable errors in my reading and timing, and gave invaluable critical advice on interpretation. Above all, Ron is a patient and good-natured teacher, under whom lessons are a pleasure rather than a chore. I would recommend him as a teacher to anyone who wants to develop their classical guitar skills in a friendly learning environment.” – Tom Pollard

“Guitarists spend 90 percent of the time tuning and the other 10 percent playing out of tune”

– John Williams

Highly Recommended

I am a self-taught guitarist who has been playing for 17 years, without any knowledge of theory or the know-how of the classical guitar. I always felt that I knew a lot and that I didn’t really need to learn more about the classical guitar for my purposes, but having lessons with Ron Payne completely disabused me of the idea. Ron helped me get a proper classical guitar, taught me about tone and how important it is to playing. He also greatly helped me with my technique and set some standards for me with regard to composing. I highly recommend him. – Alex Chudnovsky

Supportive, engaging & inspirational

“I have been very fortunate to have found Ron. He came highly and warmly recommended. My experience serves only to confirm those recommendations. From the perspective of a novice, I was firstly impressed with his genuine enquiry as to the question, “Why Tim?” We have our reasons and Ron’s empathy with mine was greatly appreciated. We have since departed on a wonderful journey that has often been bewildering and taxing, but at all times exhilarating and rewarding. If only more time to practice. Ron has at all times been supportive, engaging and inspirational. His passion is infectious and his patience a virtue. ” – Tim Seccull

Brings out the best in each student

“Ron derives joy in teaching; he passionately loves his job. His attitude to teaching is very calm, relaxed, helpful, and always encouraging. He would readily teach any repertoire a student needs to learn, no matter what type of exams you want to take. Moreover, if you who do not want exams, he would tailor a program to suit your needs, incorporating your favorite pieces, at the same time making sure that all the technical aspects of learning are covered. Ron’s approach brings out the best in each of his student no matter how old you are. I have seen some of his ‘bambino’ guitarists play like a ‘pro’! Each lesson is an opportunity to learn, to enjoy and to progress. It’s like learning driving with a ‘racing champ’ – you just can’t go wrong.” – Melanie Lo