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A new website!

After weeks of hard work, I am very excited to officially announce the launch of my new website. If you can’t remember the old website see the before and after images.


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A few of goals with the new website were to make it uncluttered, easier to navigate and more user friendly.


The new website features an entire news section dedicated to all articles, classical guitar news and tips, making it as easily accessible as possible for our current and prospective students with better photos and the additional feature at the end of each article to write your own comments.


Amongst the new features the site contains social media buttons for Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. You can find us on Facebook at


Constant updates will be made to the new website and Facebook channel with classical guitar articles, insights, prompters, motivational quotes, inspirations, announcements and student successes.


Many more new features will be coming soon, such as a monthly newsletter, lesson videos, and audio; stay tuned for more.


Thank you to Peggy, Rodney and Luke for your time and energy in helping to make this site what it is.


I hope you find the new website easy to access and informative. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or comments.

Thank you!

Ron Payne – Classical Guitar Teacher



Classical Guitar Teacher Melbourne



Classical Guitar Teacher Melbourne

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